Jumatano, 20 Agosti 2014

GPE Programme for Tanzania (LANES) Launched to Regional and District Level Education Officers

The Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government (PMORALG) conducted a two day working session with all Regional Education Officers (25), District Education officers, Academic Officers and Adult Education Officers from 160 Councils.

The main aim for the session, which was launched by the PMORALG Permanent Secretary, Mr. Jumanne Sagini, was to provide an overview of the LANES programme including roles and responsibilities of officers at different levels of planning and implementation, expected programme results, and Financial Operations.

Prior to the working session, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVT) in collaboration with PMORALG had appointed Focal Persons who would coordinate implementation of the LANES programme at departmental level, one from each Ministry’s department. Following the appointment, a weeklong session was held in Morogoro from 21st to 26th July, concluded by a half-day session with the PMORALG Permanent Secretary.
Meanwhile, the MOEVT is in the final stages of recruiting a National Coordination Team that will facilitate implementation of the LANES Programme. The team will include a National Coordinator, M&E Specialist, Procurement Specialist, Financial Management Specialist and Adult and Non Formal Education Specialist. 

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